Our team of specialists consists of a great team of people who will do their utmost to make a project successful. We do not shun civil engineering challenges and we go the extra mile for our clients. We think in terms of solutions and possibilities instead of problems. Our positive attitude has resulted in a close-knit group of customers and a broad international network, which we, as the constructor, can build on.

Developments in the building industry, and particularly in the technical field, continue rapidly. Obviously we want to keep up, or even better be at the cutting edge of developments. To guarantee this quality we make sure that our specialists make time for education & training to obtain knowledge and inspiration. Currently, three juniors are following the Master Structural Engineering training at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and both our Register Controllers are making sure that they obtain enough PE credits every year to maintain their title and knowledge. Have you become curious? We are happy to introduce ourselves to you.

“Together we have over 100 years of work experience. We like to share this in-house knowledge with our customers.”

Piet Peters
Piet PetersManaging Director
+31 (0)182-231401
Henk van Vliet
Henk van VlietManaging Director
+31 (0)182-231402
Pascal Ruivenkamp
Pascal Ruivenkamp Structural Engineer
+31 (0)182-231403
Jan Willem Duits
Jan Willem Duits Structural Engineer
+31 (0)182-231409
Mack Stolwijk
Mack StolwijkDraftsman
+31 (0)182-231407
Eric Noorduin
Eric Noorduin Draftsman
+31 (0)182-231405
Peter Witteman
Peter Witteman Draftsman
+31 (0)182-231406
Bastiaan Hoefnagel
Bastiaan Hoefnagel Draftsman
+31 (0)182-231408
Bill van Veenendaal
Bill van VeenendaalDraftsman
+31 (0)182-231416
Yvonne Leenart
Yvonne LeenartAdministration
+31 (0)182-231410
Margriet Amersfoort
Margriet AmersfoortAdministration
+31 (0)182-231411