“We will always deliver an alternative design based on the existing design. |
Not because we have doubts about the design but because we are able to and want to offer an alternative that falls within the budget.

An increase in the number of passengers at an airport or a decrease in the number of shoppers in a city centre; companies and organisations are always changing and evolving. With an increase or decrease of people and therefore activities, the buildings have to change and evolve too.


Non-residential building projects are not designated for residential purposes. These projects are mostly large & comprehensive, like offices, schools, shops and distribution centres. We are currently working on several non-residential projects: the AHOLD Zaandam distribution centre, Waalwijk distribution centre.


When existing buildings are renovated they will be designated for a new use, think of the restoration of a church building into an apartment complex or an office building into a shopping destination. Or it can be a matter of restoring the old look of a building or, on the contrary, a completely new look to meet today’s requirements. This can include fire safety, living safety and sustainability. We are currently working on in Bergen op Zoom among others.

The renovation of older buildings or the restoration of feature defining buildings requires knowledge of traditional materials and techniques. That way those buildings can maintain their typical features. Peters and Van Leeuwen has a broad experience in completely restoring older monumental buildings that are part of the atmosphere or the character of a village or city. A good example of this is a beautiful old villa in The Hague that will be changed into a housing complex for seniors.


Legislation and regulations make the construction or restoration of a building project – whether it is a shopping centre, office complex or private residential house – a complicated matter. Our draughtsmen and constructors are fully aware of the guidelines and regulations that are relevant to the building industry. Safety is essential in this.

Our portfolio contains various house construction projects which we were involved in as a constructor, for example the Sterrenwachtlaan in Leiden and the Mounterij in Schiedam. But customers also know where to find us when they want ‘small’ projects done; a good example of this is a soon to be constructed detached villa in Polsbroekerdam, where they asked us to determine the complete construction.


Both private parties and businesses can also call on Peters & Van Leeuwen for advice. We are happy to design and contribute ideas for an extension, new facade or perhaps do an investigation into the foundation of a factory floor when purchasing heavy machinery. Please contact us for advice, small or large. Ask for Piet Peters or Henk van Vliet.